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WAXOYL cheshire

WAXOYL Rustproofing Cheshire

Waxoyl is a rustproofing product that we apply to the underside or vehicles to stop them rusting. It is a waxy oil based fluid (as the name suggestes) that when applies to areas where moisture can build up, it fills these gaps and creates a seal against rustprone areas.

The benefits of WAXOYL?

If you've ever owned a car over 5 years old then you know that sometimes rust will start to appear under wheel arches, around the chasis or at the edges of doors etc. What Waxoyl does is prevent this/slow this down. WAXOYL needs to be applied before rust starts so it's advised to get your car done sooner rather tan later and in the long run you will see the benefits.

Why Choose Us

Unlike the lease company that you have opened a contract with we can repair your car at a sensible price. Why pay dealer rates when you can pay a local family run business to do the same job for a fraction of the cost. It really is a no brainer. Come in to see us today an dwe can provide you with an upfront quotation before we carry out any work.

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Customer Reviews

5 star review for lease car servicing

"Had a big dint going across both doors on my 2017 Audi a4. These guys repaired it for me and did an amazing job, it looks brand new again and you would never know the dint was ever there. Definatly going to recomend! Thanks

Anthony Glindon"

5 star review for lease car servicing

"What a great garage, very helpful, knowledgeable and most importantly they got the job done right first time . Can’t recommend them enough, if you need a vehicle repairing go to these guys they really know their stuff.

Belinda Smart"

5 star review for lease car servicing

"excellent service and friendly staff to

Ernie Ward"